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Heiko Vader, Projectmanager of Zuidas (former Projectmanager of Werkstad OverAmstel), Municipality of Amsterdam, 2021.

"You are a pleasant, enthousiastic and committed urban planner with an eye for detail in relation to the bigger picture. You communicate clearly and professionally about the planning and the required commitment. That helps the monitoring of goals and budget. As an urban planner, you have made a meaningful contribution to the tenderprocedure for Werkstad OverAmstel. This is an important step in the transformation of this area". 

Mathieu Derckx, Landscape architect of Werkstad OverAmstel and Amstelquarter, Municipality of Amsterdam, 2021.

“You are an enthusiastic and inspired urban planner who looks beyond your field. You are fully committed to make a project a success. You do not avoid possible problems. You use them as a starting point to open up the communication with colleageus and those otherwise involved. You are collegial and it is pleasant to work with you; you are a true team player”.



Mathijs van Vliet, Consultant Water, Climate adaptation and Sustainability at Movares commissioned by Rotterdamsebaan projectgroep (ROBA), Municipality of The Hague, 2018.

'You are a pleasant person to work with; open, sociable, but also businesslike and fast when needed. I think you are very involved. For example, It was very pleasant that you went with me once to look on site, so that the impact of the flood defenses (much lower than you might have feared) and the water feature became clearer. You  are asking for help regularly, which is no sign to me that you know less, but most of all that you want to get the plan as well as possible and at the same time you know where the limits of your knowledge lie (Limits you like to stretch with the help of others)'.



Layla El Kamali, Strategisch adviser/Projectleader of Vlietzone at Municipality of The Hague, 2018.

‘I think you are an enthusiastic and involved urban planner who has an eye for the process and the divergent interests (administrative, governance or otherwise) in a project. The latter is important for an urban planner in an administrative environment. You stick to your word and  you do not shy away from a complicated assignment. You communicate in a timely manner about your planning and about the steps you are taking in your design or advice. You stand by the product you deliver. I have seen this in the Plan Implementation Framework (PUK) for Nieuw Vredenoord and in your advice on various initiatives in the Vlietzone’.






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