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Victor Coenen, Representative Witteveen+Bos in Indonesia / Project Manager Master Plan National Capital Integrated Coastal Development (NCICD) in Jakarta/Indonesia, 2014.

In recent years we have worked on various projects with ANL. Amelia Lukmanto created a conceptual design for floating fishing communities that had to be relocated in NCICD project (major flood project in Jakarta). We also worked on a number of concepts for the revitalization of Kota Tua (The Old Town Jakarta). Amelia is always enthusiastic, driven and highly communicative. She made major substantive contributions to these projects. She also has an extensive, useful network in Jakarta.



Sybren Ydema, North Europe Marketing Manager at MWH Global. Electrorail area Utrecht, 2011.

For the future development of Electrorail area in the city centre of Utrecht, ANL created a couple of urban models. The analysis was made with a view to the future housing, but also considered the future of remediation problems caused by pollution. ANL created various designs in very professional manner. The design was made with less remediation costs. The analysis was made within the planning and quality as we expected. We had a very pleasant collaboration with ANL.


Erik Eijsbouts, Architect-partner BDG Architecten Ingenieurs Almere, Rumah Senang, 2009.

In 2009, I worked with Amelia Lukmanto in a workshop on a master plan for a thematic residential area called ‘Rumah Senang’ in Almere. Her contribution focused on the design of public space and specifically Indonesian characteristics. From her knowledge of Indonesian lifestyles and practices she brought a major contribution to the planning process. It was a constructive and pleasant collaboration.




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