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Rijnhavengarage, Kop van Zuid/Rotterdam

'Urban Constrains'


A complex assignment that requiring proper phasing, technology and strategy. The project is divided into two phases. Phase 1 covers the northern part, adjacent to the Wilhelmina Pier. Approximately 1000 parking spaces will be developed. The Rijnhaven Garage will be built in the water of the Rhine. A city park will be created on the roof of the first phase of Rijnhaven garage. This city park along with a group of trees forms a green lounge urban space on the waterfront.


In the second phase (the hinge) will be extended toward the garage Katendrecht. The facilities such as shops, restaurants, public facilities, offices and residences will be built on the garage.

Project scale: City level
Activities: Made an urban constraint of the Rijnhaven garage and discussed the project with the planning team. Prepared the presentation and documents. 
This is an interesting project because many parties, foreign and domestic urban companies, are involved together with colleagues from other disciplines such as traffic engineers and landscape architects (Karres & Brands) working on a workshop for the Rijnhaven Park proposal and integration with the hinge.




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