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Tobias de Graaff, teamleader of Spatial policy and advice department, Municipality of Gouda, 2023.

I have hired Amelia for the municipality of Gouda at a difficult time. Due to personnel changes, there were a number of urban development issues that had to be addressed quickly and adequately. In my introductory meeting with Amelia, I immediately noticed that she likes to get things done. This in combination with a strong own opinion that she never conceals, I immediately felt a click. After I had spoken with her, Amelia then did exactly what I hoped for for the municipality of Gouda.


She jumped on the moving train and thus not only helped the projects she was responsible for, but also her direct colleagues in the urban planning department. She did this by formulating sharply where she thought the effort was or was not needed  and by being a great sparring partner with unbridled energy for everything she encounters. Her strength lies precisely in sparring. She formulates sharply and clearly what she wants and which direction she would choose based on her expertise and profession, but will also provide an opening for a different opinion or arguments from someone else. So you can certainly convince her, if well argued. I also see her operating in this way in projects and that brings a lot of clarity and clarity, something that benefits everyone within the projects.


In short, an Urbanist who provides clear frameworks and convincing arguments, who is (self-)critical and analytical, but who does her job with a healthy dose of perspective and humour. That's how I would describe Amelia, where I doubted for a long time whether I should still mention the word ambitious. Yes I do.

Gert van Dijken, Program Manager Spoorzone, Municipality of Gouda, 2023.

Amelia has been involved in the Goudse Spoorzone as a senior Urbanist. She has the ability to zoom out where necessary and to monitor cohesion at area level and to advise on quality and cohesion. But where necessary, she can also assess urban and architectural designs sharply and with a focus on detail. Amelia is analytically strong and result-oriented. In the quality team, she contributed in her own way as a pleasant and valuable sparringpartner to the development of the Goudse Spoorzone.





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