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Floating communities as part of the National Capital Integrated Coastal Development (NCICD), Jakarta/Indonesia


The advent of NCICD will change the layout of Jakarta’s waterfront in general. The existing harbours will lose their direct contact with the sea. By relocating these harbours in a smart way, the new prospect will be emerged, especially for the local communities and tourism. This idea could be seen as a comprehensive way to improve the living conditions of the fishermen, offering them a privileged location with better facilities and new economic perspectives.


Once these communities flourish, then they will offer a key role to the tourism of Jakarta’s waterfront. In a consortium led by Urban Design ANL, together with LOLA Landscape architects and Bias Tekno Art Kreasindo, the idea about floating communities was born. `We would like to create a new contemporary and sustainable floating communities based on the existing fisheries’, explained Amelia Lukmanto as the contact person on behalf of the consortium. The consortium is supervised by Witteveen en Bos as the project leader of the NCICD, Master Plan phase and Kuiper Compagnons for development of the Great Garuda in particular. The principal of floating communities.


One of the conditions is that the basic facilities for the communities must be established first, for example: roads, water supply hub, electricity, green public space, school, healthcare, religions houses, etc. To create a successful settlement, the extensive collaboration with the local parties such as: local government, designers, existing and future inhabitants is indispensable. After the primary facilities have been built, a sustainable and flexible network will be created. This new communities would give the future inhabitants space and opportunity to create their own communities.


A new economic perspective


Once the communities have settled, the floating villages will become attractive for tourists and form an opportunity to expand tourism which is already developed on the Thousand Islands.

Furthermore, it would be an added value for the Great Garuda to add an accessible and vernacular development. For the inhabitants, this tourism opportunity could be seen as a new possibility to increase income and prosperity. Small enterprises for example; fish markets, restaurants or bed and breakfasts are very suitable for this communities.




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