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The Dutch Economic Mission with Prime Minister to Indonesia, 19-22 november 2013


The mission has 4 sectors i.e; Agrictulture and food, Airports, Health & Life Sciences and Water & Ports. Different experts exchange programs were held in round table disccusions, lectures, networks meetings, conferences and field visit of the current relevant Dutch-Indonesian projects. Furthermore, there were couples of important agreements that had been signed between these two countries regarding of current Dutch projects in Indonesia. It is very important for the Dutch government to offer and to highlight their famous watermanagement expertise to the world. One of the projects is called National Capital Integrated Coastal Development (NCICD).


Urban Design ANL in collaboration with Lola Landscape Architects from Rotterdam and Bias Tekno Art from Jakarta proposed in june 2014 a design for Floating Communities, as part of the NCICD project. With positive response from the local media and general public during this mission in Jakarta, we can conclude this mission accomplished. It was a fruitfull, interesting and important business trip for ANL which is expanding its network and increasing of the possibility to gain water related project in Indonesia are central. Therefore, the network and the opportunities would be expanding and increasing. 

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