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The Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP), january 2013


The Netherlands Water Partnership is a public-private network organisation that functions as an independent coordination and information point for the Dutch water sector. The goal of the NWP is to organize a strong Dutch water network. For over 10 years the NWP has been stimulating collaboration and cooperation among the various parties in the Dutch water sector. Consequently, the Netherlands can make a larger contribution in solving international water problems and strengthen its position in the international water market. Both at home and abroad, the NWP is a central point of contact for information on the Dutch water sector. 

ANL is active in this organisation and has been assigned to the Indonesian sector of the platform. ANL has been asked to give a presentation about a better understanding of the Indonesian culture in relation to obtain more business opportunities in Indonesia. Everybody in the Netherlands can create a plan or project. But a plan or project proposed and supported by the local citizens is something altogether different. 

As an intermediary between the Dutch and Indonesian cultures, especially in water-related projects such as city development on an island, at the ocean or a river, in flooded areas, or on land slips, ANL could give you advice, tips and tricks on how to deal with the Indonesian culture to maximize your business opportunities.



Jakarta Architecture Triennial (JAT), october 2012


JAT, Jakarta Architecture Triennial is an architectural programme held every three years by the Institute of Architecture of Indonesia (IAI). It is a platform for discussions between the general public and professional architects on current and future town and country planning in Indonesia. The theme of the Jakarta Architecture Trienalle 2012, which was held last October, was ‘Architecture for People’. This theme was related to the development of Jakarta until 2045. 

There were many seminars, public talks, workshops, exhibitions, etc. ANL gave a public talk entitled ‘Waterfront Urban Design’. This talk elicited many positive responses and an animated discussion from the public (professional architects).





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