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The Dutch economic mission to Boston, Massachusetts, 16th-19th of july 2019


There were in total 80 companies (120 people) on this mission, divided over 3 teams: Life Science, Robotical and Climate Resilience. This mission was led by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) under the leadership of Prime Minister Rutte. Minister Bruins of medical care and sport also participated on the mission.


An interesting mission where ANL is closely involved in and part of. The purpose of ANL to participate on this mission is primarily the development of knowledge especially in water related projects (exchange of knowledge between Dutch and American parties). To learn from each other how the other country deals with climate change. How does the city of Massachussetts  prepares and anticipates to this theme? ANL is part of the "Climate Resilience" team. Massachusetts and the surrounding areas are often hit by hurricanes due to climate change(s). Together with the world-famous universities in Massachusetts, such as MIT and Harvard, people are constantly working on improvements and measures to limit the damage caused by this natural disaster. It is a valuable case to learn about. ANL would like to stay informed of the developments around that theme in the world and America in particular.


ANL has gained valuable work experience on this mission. The activities were: visiting water related projects (waterfront, spatial developments on islands, etc.), boat tours (field visits), interactive discussions about current projects in Boston and a trade dinner. ANL has been asked by the organizer to lead one of the groups (one of the tables) as a "table designer". The discussion was about one of the current water projects in Boston. ANL has gained more insight into the Climate Resilience theme and how this theme could be applied in practice. In addition ANL has expanded her network with potential American and Dutch partners. This increases ANL’s chances to create assignments in America.


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