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Amelia Lukmanto


Amelia is a passionate Urbanist. She studied architecture in Jakarta/Indonesia and finished her studies in Urban Design at TU Delft/The Netherlands in 1999. In 2014, she achieved `Water Governance and Spatial Planning’ course, as part of the Transnational Water Management (TWM), Master studies at Radboud University in Nijmegen. She has gained experience with renowned urban companies (Atelier 6, Jakarta/Indonesia, West 8, Rein Geurtsen & Partners, Rotterdam/The Netherlands) as well as the 4B (4-big) municipalities in The Netherlands, such as: Municipality of Rotterdam (dS+V, City development), The Hague, and Utrecht. She worked for the Municipality of Amsterdam which she fulfilled all her projects in Amstel Business Park, Centrum Nieuw West and Amstelkwartier with passion and enthusiasm. In addition to that she worked as an Urbanist for the Municipality of Helmond for the Living Lab which is a part of the Brainport Smart District. In collaboration with the Municipality of Utrecht, on behalve of the Municipality of Stichtse Vecht is she responsible for the next stage of project Zuilense Vecht. Designing an Urban Plan. She works at this moment for the Municipality of Gouda for an area surrounding the station, called Spoorzone. For the Municipality of Roermond, is she the responsible Urbanist for project Roerdelta and Philipsterrein.


She has completed many projects, ranging from block to district or regional level. Water is her passion and water-related projects are her speciality. They are: water housing, development areas on islands, city developments around/along/on the sea line (sea defenses), maintenance/transformation of city canals and how to integrate them into the urban structure, strategic and sustainable solutions for flooded areas (not only from the technical side but also spatially integrate it into the urban structure).


She implements sustainable aspects into her projects in all time. Creating a sustainable solution and implementing of principal ‘cradle to cradle’ into design and strategy. Integrating the renewable energy like: sun, wind, rain water, etc. into design.

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