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Zoning actualization, Hillegom

Stamp zoning former nursery 'Veelzorg'


The present zoning ‘Veelzorg’ is a revision of the current zoning ‘De Zanderij’ that on june 14, 2007 is determined. Because of the new developments on the former bulb nursery, the current zoning ‘ De Zanderij’ was no more valid. The agricultural use has been lifted. The new zoning plan has been made to fullfill those new developments. The principle of ‘De Zanderij’ has been retained, namely; preservation of the bulbs complex ensemble as much as possible. This zoning plan‘Veelzorg’ is thus a partial revision of the current zoning plan ‘De Zanderij’.


A couple of goals are pursued on this partial revision of zoning plan ‘De Zanderij’:


     1.  Redevelopment of the area to conform the current society needs

     2. Redevelopment of the area while preserving the cultural and historical                      heritage

     3. Drawing up an updated, clear and comprehensive legal and planning    

         framework of the planning area that guarantees both  equality and  legal    



This zoning plan is essentially development oriented where the new developments will take place within the existing volumes. The planning condition of the new development will be determined in this zoning plan. The new spatial development can take place within the development oriented partial zoning.

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