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Wilhelminapier, Kop van Zuid/Rotterdam

'Building technical and legal supervision'


Wilhelmina Pier consists of several residential and office towers with public offices on the ground floor. These buildings were designed by well-known architects from around the world (Norman Foster, Siza, Renzo Piano, OMA, Mecanoo, etc.). In the ‘Kop van Zuid’ Master Plan the urban constraints were described in general terms, especially the relation and composition between the buildings (sight relation, building envelopes, building height, etc.).  Each building has urban constraints/set of requirements.


In these conditions, a more detailed description had to be made; dimensions of the building, number of parking spaces, loading and unloading, outer space, etc. and how to integrate it into its context. The architects had to create their design according to the urban constraints.

Project scale: City and neighborhood level
Activities: Evaluated the architects’ first proposal and responded to it. 
Advised architects on how to improve the building better or to make it different.

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