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Water heritage, The Old City Fatahillah, Jakarta/Indonesia



The proposed design of the Old City to connect Fatahillah square as the heart of the Old City with Sunda Kelapa port as the former main port in the Colonial period, is expected to be able to express the inherited historical values in the landscape. This approach is applied as an attempt to rising public awareness on the significance of Jakarta Old town in the national history as well as in international history , emphasizing in its universal outstanding values. The proposed design to some extent will be integrated with the water management program and adressed concerns of sustainability principles.

Overall, the design concept are as follow:


  1. Water heritage

  • Enhancement of water management and water treatment

  • Restoration and resurrection of the historic water structure, both functionally and for other purposes such as tourists’ attraction 


   2. Connecting Fatahillah square as the heart of The Old City and Sunda Kelapa           port as a former historic trade port in the Colonial period

  • Creating an integrated theme tourist trails

  • Resurrecting the history of the area

  • Bringing Fatahillah square closer to the sea


    3. Greening of Fatahillah square-surrounding and Kali Besar as a pilot project.

  • To enhance the comfort of public space around Fatahillah square in particular as the heart of The Old City

  • To reduce the heat in the area

  • To create an (informal) water reservoir as a buffer by water overcapacity


    4. Sustainable interventions and transformations














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